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Editor-in-Chief, The Press & Journal The Press & Journal editor Damian Bates

Last year, the Press and Journal, through its Energy supplement and sister site, launched its very first business awards to recognise remarkable contributions to the UK offshore oil & gas industry.

The Gold Awards marked 50 years of Aberdeen and the North Sea oil & gas industry and we hinted on the night that we would consider making the event a high-point of future years; celebrating that incredible collective drive that in February, for example, gave us Laggan-Tormore, Britain’s first Atlantic Frontier gas development. And which is engineering the solutions that will deliver tomorrow’s super-efficient UK offshore oil & gas industry and world class, highly competitive and advanced supply chain.

Our very special Gold Awards will therefore once again recognise the best of the best, including welcoming our next alumnus to the Hall of Fame that we inaugurated last year in order to recognise an individual which has made a very special contribution within the industry and wider community.

We of course understand that many challenges face the North Sea today and into the future. However, we are confident that this industry’s hugely talented men and women, from the shop floor to the boardroom, are a match for those challenges. Join us in celebrating this remarkable industry that continues to provide Britain with more than 60% of its oil & gas needs, and in recognising those supreme professionals who have made and continue to make a difference to the lives of countless people across the globe.

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